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Hire me for 1-on-1 assistance with "on-level," "honors," or "AP" coursework, with SAT preparation, or with writing essays.

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My name is Ronen Aniti, and I am a graduate student from the Washington D.C. area, studying electrical engineering and autonomous vehicles.

While I pursue my own education, I am helping others with academic learning.

What I bring to the table is seven years of experience providing straight-to-the-point tutoring lessons to assist learners in

I’m smart, I’m experienced, I’m organized, and I love to teach. But I’m not for everybody.

First, consider my background, experience, and skill set.

What is my academic background like?

Not only do I have a bachelor’s in engineering from a top U.S. university, but also, on the SAT, I score reliably above 1550/1600–above 750/800 on both the math and the English portions of the exam. Furthermore, I’m enrolled in graduate school for electrical engineering, studying embedded systems and autonomous vehicles.

What am I about, and why am I worth trusting?

It’s been my mission these past seven years to find and assist frustrated but otherwise intelligent students in “applying themselves.” I’ve helped learners improve grades by more than a letter and SAT scores by more than 250 points. Altogether, I’ve assisted over 100 students with their math, English language arts, science, and social studies coursework at the "on-level," "honors," and "AP" levels.

Who have I tutored, and what am I good at?

I am experienced in tutoring students whose skill levels and backgrounds vary. I assist those who have struggled, but I also teach those who are at the top of the class. Furthermore, since I understand the concepts that underpin standardized tests and the curricula for what could be considered to be the main subjects taught in school, I have been able to help learners from around the United States.

Basically, where I excel is in helping students to

💪 Take Control of GPA
Bring me your homework, and I will explain it to you step-by-step.
📶 Boost SAT Score
Tell me when you want to take the SAT, and I will put you on an IXL SAT skill plan and tutor you through it.
✒️ Write Expressively
Show me your essay prompts, and I will help you develop radiant, convincing responses.

Next, understand what tutoring with me is like.

How is my tutoring organized?

Once a student or parent contacts me, I ask simple questions. Then, I arrange an initial meeting, which I offer free of charge, to listen to my new potential student express their own needs, preferences, goals, timeline, and scheduling constraints. During the discussion, potential tutees have time to ask questions and gather information. If tutoring is determined to be the right choice, we will decide on a meeting schedule, and tutoring thereafter commences. 

What are tutoring lessons with me like?

Lessons with me are efficient. To promote productivity, I encourage my students to prepare for each lesson with questions or with a proposed agenda. I, too, come prepared. For instance, consider the image shown in Figure 1. In it, I am helping a learner with math homework. Notice that I have the supplies I need to teach the topic on hand: a sharpened pencil, blank sheets of scratch paper, a graphing calculator, and a copy of my student’s formula sheet.

Figure 1. I am assisting a student with their math homework.

Now, consider the picture shown in Figure 2. It’s a picture of me, with a student, reviewing College Board’s Practice Exam 10. This particular picture shows me helping a student understand their mistakes from the first passage of the reading portion of the test. Again, notice the setup. I facilitate learning by screencasting, in high definition, the test itself along with annotations and notes.

How do I explain things?

When my learner is having trouble with a new concept, I assist by explaining it in terms of ideas I know them to be familiar with already. As my learner begins to show signs of grasping the new concept, I encourage them to build on their understanding even further. For example, I might ask them to summarize, in their own words, what they know. Or I might task them with solving additional problems that involve the new idea.

Then, know what I cost and who I can't help.

What kinds of students am I not able to help?

I’m not for everybody. Instead of just providing answers, I teach students how to think through their work in a principled, methodical way. It takes patience and attention to engage with this kind of process. So, a student should approach me for tutoring if and only if they know that they will be willing to maintain a growth-oriented mindset.

Figure 2. I am reviewing, with a student, the reading portion of College Board’s SAT Practice Exam 1.

What do I charge, and how do I collect payment?

Following each lesson, parents receive a payment request by email, which they have until the end of the month to fulfill. My fees are $40 for 60-minute lessons and $60 for 90-minute lessons. I accept electronic forms of payment, including Paypal, Zelle, and Venmo, and I accept checks, too. 

Essentially, tutoring with me is like this.

🔑 I'll explain it to you.
Bring me your questions, and I’ll explain, step-by-step, how to approach getting the answer–whether in math, in English, or in another class.
🧠 I'll challenge you.
As you develop as a learner, I will challenge you more and more. Even if you’ve never taken academics seriously before, I will show you how it can be rewarding. 
❌ But don't call me if...
If we are to work together, then you must be open to learning new things. You don’t have to love school, but you do need to be able to learn from mistakes.

Now, consider what sets me apart.

What kind of things do I do in my downtime that demonstrate my passion for teaching?

Outside of lessons, I share my passion on my blog, The Sophisticated Student, to which I publish articles providing students with advice on study habits and on college preparation. Furthermore, I maintain a Youtube channel on which I post video demonstrations on how to approach, step-by-step, different types of SAT questions. 

What's uncommon about me?

I have spent over 1000 hours actively practicing, on learning platforms Khan Academy and IXL, the math, the social studies, the language arts, the science, and the standardized testing skills that my students are expected to master during the course of their schooling. As a result, I am not only able to assist students in multiple areas, but I’m also able to teach students how to approach academic learning generally.

Finally, decide whether or not to contact me.

Begin a conversation with me today. It’s simple, but try to act now.

  1. Touch base. Email or text me (Ronen), briefly describing your child’s situation. My email address is, and my phone number is 202-725-7865. 
  2. Ask preliminary questions. Get answers from me to your basic questions over email or text. Schedule a Zoom call with me to ask any more detailed ones. 
  3. Develop a plan. Have your child share his or her goals, preferences, timeline, and scheduling constraints with me, and put together an initial course of action.
  4. Commence tutoring. Your child begins meeting with me promptly or as soon as he or she is ready to begin.
"Hi, I'm Ronen, and I anticipate with pleasure hearing from those considering tutoring."

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