Reboot or Revamp Your Education

Want to supercharge your studying?

Education technology can help. Currently, Khan Academy and IXL are leading platforms.

With comprehensive coverage of math, language arts, science, social studies, and even test prep material, both platforms are designed to be user-friendly and helpful regardless of your current skill level.

In fact, you can begin strengthening your skills by following these simple steps.

First, establish your goals. Consider the topics, subjects, and skills that interest you most. Think about how much time you’d be able to set aside in the short, medium, and long terms to study.

Next, begin completing exercises. After each work session, consider whether you feel more capable. If you do, it’s likely that you’re receiving the benefits these platforms intend to provide.

Finally, track your progress. Consult the analytics dashboards available to you. Revise your goals so that they remain in line with your needs and preferences.

So, whether your aim is to better understand what you’re learning about now in class, to prepare for standardized testing, or to improve your knowledge and expertise in any other personally significant way, consider employing technology to help you advance.

Happy learnings,


Ronen Aniti, BSME

Ronen has over six years of experience helping middle and high school students with homework and test preparation. His tutoring experience centers on SAT, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Distinctively, he has 1000+ hours experience relearning grade school subject matter to standard on ed-tech platforms Khan Academy and IXL.